Levent Özdemir İletişim ve Reklam Hizmetleri


Toraman Textile has been one of the leading organizations of fast growing knitting industry in our country by; creating a team from experts, since foundation respecting human health, and keeping up with the world of technological developments and information at the highest level. Our goal in the short term is to create new values for our customers by developing new and original designs in the light of this success without compromising our quality and to be with them not only during sales but also after sales. Our goal in the long term is to increase our production by using our resources efficiently and accurately in line with today´s and future customer expectations and to make our production world´s brand by spreading our sales points that are present for today to important textile centers of the world.


Believing that the key to success is to work efficiently, disciplined and planned, it is to provide the happiness of the employees who embrace the team spirit that is based on love and respect and to satisfy our customers with high motivation.


It is to bring permanent differences to the market by offering our products that supplements value to life with the best price and superior quality and service mentality.